Saturday, November 14, 2009

fiuhh... ????

Friends.. guess what? It's holiday!!! but yet so many things to do...
Actually, the holiday started on 5th November...but i assumed it isn't a real holiday since there's some nightmare left... We had been informed that some students will have to continue (softer word for reassess )the clinical attachments.. & that's totally freaking all the students esp. me... who are not giving the ultimate performance either in practical or in exam... huhu!

so... the day of our last exam... we were surprised that some of the students received the letter from our lecturer right after the examination finished... & since I'm one of the student that went out of the exam hall earlier... so i guess lecturer will catch with me later.. But luckily.. am not in & that's absolutely beyond my expectation...
However..the nightmare wasn't end yet.. since there will be another list will come out on 13th November... so scary..I'd wait for few days...& the butterfly always be in my stomach since then...
the butterfly flew away... after the list came out..& name was not listed... wuuu! This might be not a big deal for some students but for me it means a lot..
Initially, we had been informed that the student involved will be reached via phone call & not by letter or stuff like that... so.. can u imagine that.. you'll know your result that way.. it seems like waiting for death call or do you still remember 'One misscalled' or 'the Phone' movies?? ~~freaky! we even made jokes with it... let say if you gonna received 'that' call..what are you going to do? or maybe you have to prepare the scripts like:

Caller : Hello..can i speak to (student name)?
student : Sorry..wrong number..
or : Hello... Pest control services.. what can i help you?
or : Sorry... i can't hear you... can u speak a bit a louder.. the line is KO!
or : We noo... buenas noches? como estas?
or maybe u can sing a song like the 'caller ringtone' (pick your own song).
or celcom/maxis/digi operator : Hello..Celcom centre.. bla..blaa..blaaah

or any other suggestions? But of course this things won't happen..
back to holiday... Currently, i'm still in Kuala Lumpur and staying at my sister's house.. i wanna go back to my hometown, kelantan as soon as possible.. i juz can't wait any longer.. huuu..
am gonna have few works to settle.. 1stly, the scouter things which i'm one of the volunteer to help a research, 2ndly, I'd been asked to be a personal tutor for a SPM candidate... 3rdly, my sister who's staying at kuantan pleaded me to take care of her sons for a week..Nanny??? 4th: wedding plan maybe..haha! whatever it is..i'm looking forward for the must be a great adventure!

so...friends... i'm sure..some of you also on holiday like let's together spend our time for something really beneficial... yosh!!