Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Pregnant!!

Guess what?? I AM PREGNANT! and now it's almost 11th week of still may not look pregnant to onlookers and that makes me a little bit frustrated. However, being pregnant at a very young age is a bless from Allah s.w.t, am now 23 years old and i'll become a mother at the age of 24...InsyaAllah! And on top of that, my parent will have more grandchildren..and more later... :D My little one will become their 18th grandchildren and that's for sure will bring a lot more fun and endless happiness to all.I've been married for 79 days now and we are both happy and our little one will strenghten our love..insyaAllah.

About a week ago, I had an appointment for an ultrasound procedure which cost a lot of money. My husband accompanied me to the Pacific Radiology Centre and it's just 5-10 minutes away from home. That's my 2nd appointment after previous consultation with the doctor. And I had to pay almost 90 NZD just for 20 minutes consultation, which at the end only prescribed 0.8 mg Folic Acid supplement, handouts/flyers on pregnancy, and futher procesures to follow. I'm started to feel lucky to be Malaysian, which I think you only have to pay RM1 for all. Ok, now back to the Ultrasound procedure, although it's veeeery eexpensive but i think it's worthful. The procedure confirmed that my pregnancy already at 9th week by measuring the foetus size(not sure how they do that though..). The wonderful thing is.. i saw the 'tiny guy' inside my womb is kicking and punching, and that makes me burst into tear. It's just soooo lovely and you can always say 'SubhanAllah' every time you see it... here is some pictures that i wanna share..

the heart beat.....the 'little one'... but i'm sorry you can't see him/her kicking/punching in this picture.. :D

You may wanna now... How big the little guy in this picture.. based on the ultrasound procedure.. the foetus was 28 mm long (that's about an inch) or about the size of a large grape. And weighs less than one ounce at, but will soon start putting on weight dramatically later on. And now, our little one is growing larger and larger as the pregnancy continues week by week. By pregnancy week 11 our baby should be big enough to hold in the palm of our hand which about 1.6 inches long and weighs almost .25 of an ounce. We could see right through the skin. Our baby's skin will remain paper thin, but soon it will become a multi-layered membrane and lose much of its transparency. By this point in time, our little one should be able to open and close his or her fists, and little buds are forming in his or her mouth that will eventually develop into teeth!

By pregnancy 11 weeks, our baby's fingers and toes have lost their amphibious-like resemblance, now they are separated instead of webbed. Our little one is taking advantage of the huge space she is floating in by kicking and squirming about. Just by knowing this fact i felt blessed!

Talking about baby's development, am also having my own journey of changes.. started from the 1st month of pregnancy, I don't feel that am pregnant at all. But the morning sickness started as soon as am entering the 2nd month of pregnancy. I don't know how to describe the conditions, but you know... symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomitting, headache.. and not to mention complex emotional disturbance. And who'll get all the tension? My husband of course... :D

I ever had blood vomiting as the consequence of forceful vomitting. And it;s not a pleasant experience to tell, I ate a lot that night due to Break Fast invitation (of course i had multiple meal at that time!). There's something stuck in my throat that made me coughed and strained the blood vein which caused the blood to burst out. The undescribable throat pain cames after i vomitted all the foods in my stomach, the saliva production increase and am hardly swallowed. It;s painful and it took me two days to get my throat back to normal.

Now, since it;s almost end of the 1st trimester the morning sickness started to say 'good bye' and my appetite goes up!! After few weeks of improper nutrition, dehydration maybe...and loss of appetite.. I regained! Not to mention that, I had few pounds loss... wish to get my fat back... :D

Fasting while pregnant is a very adventurous journey of mine... especially for the 1st timer like me. Some mention that 20-30th week of pregnancy is the best for fasting, and am fasting during 1st trimester. It's ok to fast if it's not harmful to the baby and the mother, and alhamdulillah am managed to fast till now. However, I hadn't fast for 4 days (1 day due to Ultrasound, 1 day after blood vomitting, 2 days of intolerable fatigueness) which I have to replace it after Ramadan.

I think that's it for now.... a lot more will come.. insyaAllah!


izianti said...

Congrats Ilanah!
Well wishes for u and the baby :)
Please keep updated with your pregnancy stories (It's a good thing to share to the mothers wannabe like me for eg. :D) Take a good care of yourself ya. Selamat Hari Raya.

p.s: did u count your ER? hihi

Faramidi said...

salam ila! congratulations on having a baby! no matter how many times i had congratulated u, i would want to congratulate me. subhanallah, ur baby is very small and cute! can't wait to see it grows into a beautiful baby soon. =D
may Allah bless u always.=)

Izzanis ;) said...

alhamdulillah wa subhanallah..

begitu indah skali ye nikmat setelah berumahtangga..
dimurahkan rezeki.. semoga keluarga akak sentiasa diberkati, insyaAllah..

hampir menangis je kte baca entry kak ila.. huhu..

bila kan kte berjumpa lagi?

rindu akak.. huhu..

iman said...


praying that everything runs smoothly and the cute lil baby will grow up to be a great person like her mommy n daddy!


::Damia:: said...

congrats ila!!

SubhanaLLah, mcm xcaye je..
ari tu last jmpe single lg,
pasni jumpe dh jd mama plk..
xsbr nk main ngn si kecik ni..

p/s: jgn nakal2 ye, sian ummi nnt.. ^_^

Faramidi said...

no matter how many times i had congratulated u, i would want to congratulate *more*.