Saturday, July 18, 2009

intaian blog...masih ada yang sayang...

salamualay'kum sahabat!!! (after a very loooooooooooooooooooong time!)
the last post was a reaaaal 'last'... hope this brand-new-post won't be the last...
okay.. i seriously dunno how to seems like i'm in 'Jejak Kasih'... hak2! shall i start wif my holiday experiences.. Frankly... i've quite a lot!! did i told you that 'cuti' time is time for us to put some weight? yes..i did! but that's not my main point here...
during holiday:
1) I went to ulu yam waterfall wif and National Zoo wif my beloved friends.. we're escaping the hectic and stressfull campus life.. i won't forget the moments!

1) i'd worked as a 'salesgirl' in Giant Kota Damansara... I'd took care of "My lovely muslimah" booth for about two weeks... it was really awesome! i'd saw and met so many type of people (just like what i say...when it comes to learn people behaviour.. you have to see,meet and communicate wif people)
2) after that...i met wif my old friend, Syahida(i called her sapok)..we went to Times Square and played all the exhilerating and mind-blowing stuffs... I'd told you before..'cuti' time is time for u to meet your old and even new friends!

3) Then..i went back to my hometown, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan... and able to kiss my lovely parent's hand.. I still can feel the warmth of their hand.. huuu.. i really miss that moment.. don't you think that..when we're getting older..our appreaciation to our parent should be more and more than our 'younger days'...

4) i went back to kuala lumpur..(city of opportunity and stress..haha!) after 2 weeks in my Parent's care... I had to went back earlier for a 'reunion' wif my siblings who staying in Johor bharu.. So we decided to meet in Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson... It's a moment to remember because it's not so easy for us to meet each other except during eidul Fitri...wuu!
muhasabah cuti... why last cuti was better than the other 'cuti':

1) i'm able to do everything i can for my parent.. i tried to use my times to help them.. i did the house chores, took care of their shop(just in front of my house), talked to them about so many things, pleased them as i'll never meet them after that.... and have a very soothing discussions... wow! there's nothing better than pleased our parents..
2)I'm able to read more books.. that i really think that i should share wif all of you
Recommended books(haha...) :
> Di antara dua umar
> Ibadah sepenuh hati (Amru Khalid)
> Evolution Deceit (Harun Yahya)
> Freemasonry (Harun Yahya)
> Bangkitlah! Menuju perubahan yang lebih sukses. (Amru Khalid)
> Laailahaillallah: Manhaj Hidup Muslim (Syed Qutb)
> Agar bidadari cemburu padamu (Salim A.Fillah)
> Orang Cina & Perkembangan Islam di Nusantara (Ann Wan Seng)
and some other books like Fiqh Dakwah dan ensiklopedia Wanita Muslimah.

3) I'm able to learn how to communicate well and gained skills in Business setting. guess what.. i went to a 'Spicy Fried Chicken and Rolled Currypuff Making' Course organized by KADA... make lots of's juz a product or two..but the entrepreneurs able to expand their bussiness... fiuuuhh!

so..sahabat.. "semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam".. Doakan masa kita tidak disia-siakan dengan perkara yang tidak berfaedah.. dan semoga masa yang 'terbiar' tidak menjadi fitnah buat kita... Ayoh sahabat!!! sama-sama kita menuju perubahan yang lebih sukses!!!

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