Wednesday, May 13, 2009

adakah ini 'last post'????!!

salam sahabat!... haha! sahabat tau x nape ana rase nk tergelak?? sebab.. ana rase ana baru je sapu sawang kat blog ni..tpi nmpaknya ia bakal bersawang kembali... (ana rasa baru je ana mengepos selepas balik bercuti sem lepas..sekarang bercuti lagi).. tanda-tanda kiamat bukan?? (T.T)...masa berlalu dengan amat pantas!
emm..pape pon sahabat.. i wish u happy holiday & congrats coz we managed to finish the last semester.. & able to accomplish d mission in d final exams...and thesis as well!
so! sahabat.. what's 'cuti' means to u?? is it feels like 'cuti-cuti Malaysia'.. or maybe 'time for us to gain weight'...haha! for me..'cuti' means a lot!.. coz it's d time for me to:
1) ease d pressure...& stay 'away' from the hectic schedule...haha! (so that i can do something that i prefered since i dun have enuf time to do it thru out d semester)..
2) go back to hometown.. and meet my beloved ma & abah...(i hope i can contribute sumtin to 'em wen i'm at home).. even for a lil' while.. (T.T).. and don't forget to ziarah ya grandparents, relatives,old friends... so that u can keep in touch wif em'...
3) read the books that i bought...(i'd bought lots of boooook..but dun have a really nice time to read it)
4) learn new skills... it is very important for us to gain new skills... & its up to us to put some efforts on it! (i wonder wat kind of skill i'll learn during d holiday..hmmm..)
5) share with others... i really think that... we can share more with others during our free time... we can share our knowledge wif our siblings, relatives, friends, and et cetera.. we can share our skills wif others too.. u know in university we learn quite a lot of thing..but we rarely share it wif others.. agree???
6) prepare for the next semester... holiday or we can call it semester break is essential and crucial time for us to prepare mentally & physically before entering d new semester.. it doesn't mean dat 'cuti' time is equal to 'cuti' your brain from 'working'.. & maybe for some people, 'cuti' means 'additional-sleeping-time"...
7) and the most important thing that we must prioritize is... to check our 'iman'.. or Muhasabah... whether our 'iman' increased or 'decreased' for the last semester...& what we plan to do for the next semester.... (hope i can make a good plan.. and will work it out very well..huu)

so..friends! lets make our holiday meaningfull!!!

Happy Holiday to all!!!

p/s: my laptop being diagnosed and d 'doctor' found out that its 'central nervous system' broken down and need futher investigation... so it still be quarantined in ICU ward...
Please pray for my lil' laptop... huhu!

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