Monday, December 28, 2009

Celebrating another year of my Life...

You know I always love lists. I make them all the time..even in the posts. i start out work not every morning..haha! but I'll definately do it when i got a very hectic schedule..& so many things to do in a day... Now whether I actually cross out everything on that list by the end of the day,that's a whole different matter.
And yes, I make a list of things to do at the start of each year..hehe....but it's processed & stored in my brain... no more this moment i saved the tree pulp! My 2009 list went something like this :
1) try to attend all the usrah, as well as to commit & responsible to usrah which under my responsibility.
2) study??? enjoy it..!!
3) Meet my old friends at least once a year
4) have a holiday vacation that can ease my body & soul....
5) try to be concern in everything,....even if I'm not able to grab it!
long list to go.... but the 1st item... i'm doing my best...but there's always room for improvement... about 2nd item... sometimes i did enjoyed studied..but most of the times i'd stressed...haha! but i think this semester will promise something new & memorable! the other items...I'll eventually get to them.
so what about the 2010 list??? emmm....i'm still thinking about it.. i'll share with all of you later...
My birthday was on 19th November... i rarely celebrating my birthday...but i always love to hear wishes from my friends... so the last birthday... my sis surprised me with a birthday & that was when i'm in my hometown... But...she thought I'm already 23 but actually i'm juz 1 year younger which is 22 years old.... guess what she did???
oh noo...sis! i'm juz 22..i noe i'm look a bit older than my age..but plzzz...i'm 22!so...i re-decorated the cake.... anyway, the cake taste really nice..& most importantly, it's packed with chocolate!! yeeehaaa...

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